Pickle : Add instructions for Testers

When using pickle to manually execute a behat script or when exporting a script as a spreadsheet, instructions (not test steps) for the tester can be included. When executed in Behat or any other tool, they will be ignored!

Instructions could be notes on the testing or pre-requisite confirmations.

The script looks similar to:

When an instruction is placed in a script the tester is notified.

In the spreadsheet, a prominent row is inserted in the script.

If the script is executed manually in Pickle, the tester is forced to acknowledge the instruction.


The syntax is simple. Pickle extends the behat comment structure to ass the command #instruction: . Anything on the line following this comment structure will be treated as an instruction for the tester.

For example:

This would display the instructions described in the screens shown above.

Multi Line Instructions

You can add multiple instructions by inserting the comments on sequential lines. For example:

This would display the following:

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